About Bella Villa

Bella Villa Design Studio transforms homes, offices and hotels into welcoming spaces that reflect their owner’s unique taste and personality.  Even when clients aren’t sure what they want or need, Bella Villa has the experience to help them discover a style with which they are comfortable. 

The Bella Villa Advantage

Founded by Stephanie Villavicencio, Bella Villa offers clients a greater range of ideas and inspiration than a conventional design firm.  Stephanie’s experience in residential, hospitality and corporate design allows Bella Villa to make corporate spaces more cozy and residential spaces more durable.  Whether they are planning a luxurious living room or making a pediatrician’s office cheerful and bright, Bella Villa works to create great solutions that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

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A Part of the Austin Community

The designers of Bella Villa do their best to use their design skills to serve the Austin Community. Bella Villa’s pro bono design work includes Austin Ridge Bible Church and Safe Place's computer room.