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We are a professional firm of degreed and licensed designers. We make our internships available for Interior Design Students looking for school credit or looking to gain experience before graduation source. To better familiarize us about your background we ask that you send not only your resume, but any pictures you have of your work and answers to the following questions. This gives us some creative insight by defining your personality and aspirations in life.

1. Are you currently enrolled in an Interior Design Program? If so, where?
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2. Why did you choose interior design as your career?
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3. What do you enjoy the most? Commercial, residential, industrial, hospitality design...okay...well WHY?
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4. When are you looking to do your internship? If you are interning for a school, what are your requirements?
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5. Briefly explain any previous work experience and how you would be able to apply it to interning with Bella Villa.
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6. If money was no object, what would your dream job be?

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